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edition no_36 Casanare
In Casanare, a region in the southeast of Bogotá, oil was discovered in the 90'. Paramilitary troops and regulary armed forces have since then killed 2600 people, to secure BP the access to the oil in place.
The people try to resist their replacement and demand justice and compensation - whithout any success so far.
length: 51 min  | date: 27-12-2010  | video-hits: 107
edition no_35 Many Straws Make A Nest
Many Straws Make A Nest
In the last 20 years, the Delhi region has turned into one of the
world's major industrial hubs. The required workforce is recruited from India's poorer regions, where survival is being made more and more difficult for the rural populace.

This is why 4.5 million industrial workers in Southern Delhi are willing
to ruin their health for wages their families can hardly survive on. - ... more
length: 50 min  | date: 27-03-2010  | video-hits: 5.301
edition no_33 InternatIonal Video Network DVDzine
InternatIonal Video Network DVDzine
The idea of an “International video network DVD zine” occured during the 6th “Intergalactic festival of the alternative image” in Brest 2007. It gathers features of videoactivst groups from France, Scotland, Ireland, Chile, Germany and Canada. From the armed raid of a chicken meet transporter in a Chilean slum to the biogas production of poor farmers in Nicaragua up to the strike of German retail workers and to ... more
length: 57 min  | date: 03-10-2008  | video-hits: 168
edition no_32 No Border Camp Ukraine 2007
No Border Camp Ukraine 2007
The Eastern enlargement of the European Union has made the Ukraine one of the borders of the Fortress Europe. Here, in the region of Transkapartia, a military secured border with detention camps for refugees from the Global South and the former USSR has come into being; - for refugees who by fleeing into the connecting European countries attempt to escape from war, totalitarism or poverty. It is difficult to ... more
length: 50 min  | date: 30-01-2008  | video-hits: 186
edition no_31 G8-TV
g8-TV was a union of activists and media activist groups from all over Europe to cover the g8-summit in Heiligendamm. The result of this intense collaboration can be found on the common website of g8-tv.org. Subtitles of the videoclips released on this website were promptly provided in seven different languages. Furthermore a newscast of the day's events was transmitted live every evening.
... more
length: 120 min  | date: 11-11-2007  | video-hits: 106
edition no_30 Territorio pacificado
Territorio pacificado
On February 21, 2005, Colombian army units attacked two hamlets in the San José community in North-western Colombia. The soldiers brutally killed six people including two children and a baby. Those murdered were members of the »peace community San José de Apartadó«.

In 1997 the farmers had decided to declare neutrality and to refrain from cooperation with any of the armed groups in the ... more
length: 77 min  | date: 28-03-2008  | video-hits: 848
edition no_24 murdered Coca-Cola unionists in Colombia
murdered Coca-Cola unionists in Colombia
Each year unionists are being killed in Colombia. Transnational corporations like Coca-Cola and Nestlé play an important role. We investigated one exemplary case:

On December 5th 1996, paramilitaries entered a Coca-Cola bottling-site and killed Isidro Gil. In succession the paramiliaries forced the complete workforce to resign from the union.

The film reconstructs this case ... more
length: 50 min  | date: 10-02-2005  | video-hits: 5.045
special no_20 no-border camp Cologne 2003
no-border camp Cologne 2003
people who are against racism, deportation, discrimination and the illegalization of refugees and migrants in Germany, met from the 31st July to the 10th August on a meadow on the banks of the Rhine near Cologne. to begin with, discussions were led under the label of 6th racist border camp 2003, then everyone set off to actions in Cologne and the surrounding areas.

at the end the camp was cleared. ... more
length: 45 min  | date: 28-01-2004  | video-hits: 952
special no_15 Bush in Berlin 2002
Bush in Berlin 2002
several camera teams were out and about in Berlin during the demonstrations and actions, to report the happenings during the Bush visit daily and almost live. short video clips give a direct insight into the events: there was a Reclaim The Streets action on the Alexanderplatz, a DIE-IN, an event organized by the 'Jungen Union' with the embroidered motto 'thanks America', and many communication guerillas and two ... more
length: 30 min  | date: 28-01-2004  | video-hits: 1.137
special no_13 Argentina 2002
Argentina 2002
this 60 min documentary shows how the country was systematically ruined by US imperialism and the international financial institutions IMF and the world bank under the label of neoliberalism, as well as the help of a corrupt political class. the compact and unanimous resistance of the public since the 19th/20th december 2001 has started to stir things up, slowly but surely: people are getting together ... more
length: 60 min  | date: 28-01-2004  | video-hits: 1.016
special no_10 Genoa g8 summit 2001
Genoa g8 summit 2001
at the end of july 2001 the heads of the G8 states met in Genoa, to discuss the future of the planet without including the public. the globalization critics were prevented from exercising their right to freedom of assembly by huge fences. with an escalation strategy in mind, that reminded the present left wingers of the 70's, the fascist repressive side of the Berlusconi government tried systematically to ... more
length: 30 min  | date: 28-01-2004  | video-hits: 2.427
special no_6 Prague IMF and worldbank resistance 2000
Prague IMF and worldbank resistance 2000
kanalB special no. 6 about the protests against IMF and the world bank in september 2000. 'we are creating a cultural movement', says a woman from a US samba group. 15,000 activists protested against the IMF and the world bank. in connection to this there were many arrests and blows behind prison walls.

length: 30 min  | date: 28-01-2004  | video-hits: 818
nr_36: Casanare
nr_35: Many Straws Make A Nest
nr_33: InternatIonal Video Network DVDzine
nr_32: No Border Camp Ukraine 2007
nr_31: G8-TV
nr_30: Territorio pacificado
nr_24: murdered Coca-Cola unionists in Colombia
nr_20: no-border camp Cologne 2003
nr_15: Bush in Berlin 2002
nr_13: Argentina 2002
nr_10: Genoa g8 summit 2001
nr_6: Prague IMF and worldbank resistance 2000
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